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Our mission is the driving factor that manages our daily business, and the guiding principle that frames every decision we make: Provide Eco-Friendly, Next-Generation Products of Tomorrow, and provide them Today. We must consider the environment in our methods of manufacturing and product design, and offer consumers products that help them conserve resources as well.

Our product designs are forward-thinking, innovative and next-generation. From the most advanced Instant Hot Water Dispenser on the market, to Filtration Faucets and Soap/Lotion Dispensers that not only work hard but are show-stopping design elements, to the unparalleled performance of our Filtration System, BTI products have no equal.

BTI Aqua-Solutions provides more than just eco-friendly, next-generation products. Be confident with our 5-year warranty on Instant Hot Water Dispensers, Filtration Faucets and Soap/Lotion Dispensers. Our Filtration Faucets and Leak Detector Systems carry full 2-year warranties. We’re proud to provide Eco-Friendly, Next-Generation Products of Tomorrow Today, and we know you’ll be proud to own them.

Our Filtration System Cost Savings

1500 Gallon Capacity


Water Bottles Consumed Annually Avg. Family of 4


Family Cost Annually


Bottles Filled by FL1000


Family Savings Annualy